Welcome to Liberty Steel Industries!

Our core values are focused on Safety and Continuous Improvement

Headquartered in Warren, Ohio, Liberty Steel processes coated, cold rolled, and hot rolled steel and provides a variety of state-of-the-art stamping and blanking services. Our innovative handling, staging, and delivery systems are designed to enable our customers to meet the rigorous demands of 21st Century “just-in-time” operation.

We draw from an average in-house inventory of 10,000 tons and are capable of supplying small, medium and large stampings and assemblies.

Our engineering resources ensure top quality: our core team has more than 100 years combined project management experience in stampings and assemblies and is capable of both grey and black box projects.

Our manufacturing engineering capabilities assist in  material specification and help to determine the manufacturability of proposed projects; we can optimize the process to reduce variability, implement economical manufacturing methods, and convert existing castings or plastic components to metal stampings.

We are skilled in managing new product programs requiring new tooling, and are capable of supplying prototype panels.

Depth of knowledge that gives VP of Manufacturing, Joe Dubaj, the confidence to say,

"We make your steel ideas a reality."

Why Liberty Steel Stamped Products?

Our fully empowered workforce has the experience and expertise to handle any job. We are unique in our range of product capabilities, thanks largely to the size and robustness of our presses and our flexible production hours. We have the ability to adapt tools and turn a job around in a surprisingly short time - sometimes, in as little as an hour.

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Words From Our President

We are fortunate to have the skills and commitment of loyal employees, from the manufacturing lines to the front office; we appreciate their work and enthusiasm every day, and especially when those unexpected emergency orders put us to the test. Loyal employees and loyal customers - it doesn’t get any better than this.

-Jim Weller Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer